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Hi there my name is Gareth Thomas.

I am a 3D animator from Cape Town, South Africa. I have a love for all things animation but i have a real passion for character animation, the weight, the feel, the movements, it all inspires my imagination. I love brining life to a character, to create emotion through body language and expression.

These are the things that motivate me as an animator. I am always looking to learn and grow in my chosen profession because this what I enjoy, it is so much more to me than just a job, it’s part of my life style, be it gaming, sport, movies or every day life. Animation is all around us, every thing moves therefore every thing is animated. My life inspires me in the work I do and in turn what I do inspires how I live.

I am currently looking for employment as a 3D Animator. On this page you will be able to see a short show reel of my work as well as see my C.V. and contact details. All my relevant contact details are available  on the contact page.

My web show reel:

Full show reel available on request.


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