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Gareth William Thomas – Curriculum Vitae

3D Animator / Artist.
Keen conversationalist.
Lover of tech.
Bit of a family guy


I’m a young, hard working individual. I aspire to improve myself in everything that I do. I am competitive in both work and play but I’m also a team player and function well in a group. I love my chosen profession and wish to improve and excel at all opportunities. I am a diligent planner and always meet my deadlines, I am not afraid of putting in the extra time when the project calls for it. I want to work with talented successful people so that I can learn and grow as a 3D artist and be challenged so that I may achieve my best.


UCAA (The Animation School) 2005 Graduated with a Diploma in 3D Animation and Modeling.

City Varsity 2003 Graduated with a Diploma in Multimedia Design & Production.

Secondary Education – Wynberg Boys’ High School 1997 – 2001 Graduated with a Matric Exemption.

Work experience:

3D Animator & Modeler | Strika Entertainment,  August 2006 – April 2010

From August of 2006 I have been working for Strika Entertainment, in the development and production of the Supa Strikas animation series.

From the time I began with Strika, until May of 2008 I was involved in pre production and animation on the series. This included animating characters to later be rotoscoped in 2D and the designing and rendering of vehicles, buildings, locations and objects for reference and use in the animation.

From June 2008 until April of 2010 I have been involved in post production on the series. This included breaking up and processing various shots and then adding effects in order to add polish to the final product. I also worked on various adverts for Caltex with regard to their own promotions and the animation series.

During my time at Strika I have also been involved in pitch work for online games in the designing and rendering of characters to be used.


Autodesk Maya
Adobe AfterFX
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
Adobe Flash
Pixologic Zbrush

Vision for my Future:

I believe that an artist is judged by his or her work and not by their CV. In five years time I want to look back at the work that I have done and be proud of what I see. Up to now I feel that I have not been pushed in my creative abilities and I wish to do more, through more variety and more challenging work. That being said I would not take back the experiences that I have had up to now for they have taught me so much about the work environment and the process of bringing a concept into production and fruition.

Now I am looking to put into practice that which I have learned and to improve upon my skills as much as possible.

REFERENCES: available on request, written by:

Bruce Legg: Creative Director and Writer at Strika Ent.

Gregan Tarlton: Head of Post Production at Strika Ent.


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